Classic Black Dress

Edition size 

Release Date 2/1/2016

The little black dress is a staple in any sophisticated wardrobe. Barbie® doll wears this classic with an air of modern chic, featuring a dramatic deep “V” neckline and feminine bows at the shoulders. Tall boots and a signature ponytail complete the oh-so-fabulous look. For the first time ever, the 2016 BFMC series features a posable Silkstone® body, for endless posing possibilities.


Classic Black Dress

Convention doll for the Japanse Barbie Convention.

Edition size: 200

Release Date 3/6/2016

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection celebrate the timeless elegance of classic couture from the past and adds a contemporary twist to create the New Classic Collection. The little black dress has long been a fashion must-have and this fashion forward look with on-trend accessories is no exception. For the first time ever, this BFMC collection features a poseable Silkstone body for endless posing possibilities.


Camel Coat


Classic Cocktail Dress




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