The French Maid Barbie

edition size 5200.

The French Maid Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes crisp black dress, accented with white cuffs and collar, apron, and petticoat. Matching cap and alluring fishnets lend an air of sophistication. Black mary janes and feather duster complete the ensemble.



The Nurse Barbie CC

Edition size 3800.

The Nurse Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes crisp white, belted dress, matching cap, and blue cape. White mary janes complete the ensemble.


The Nurse Barbie AA

Edition size 999.

The Nurse Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes crisp white, belted dress, matching cap, and blue cape. White mary janes complete the ensemble.



The Stewardess Barbie

Edition size 3900.

Japanese exclusive

The Stewardess Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes snappy blue suit featuring white piping, matching cap, and white collar with red scarf. Blue and white mary janes and dark hose complete the ensemble.



The Teacher Barbie

Edition size 5300.

The Teacher Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The ensemble includes tasteful houndstooth skirt, white blouse, and black vest. A red bow tie, black hose and mary janes, and cerebral round glasses complete the ensemble.



The Waitress Barbie

edition size 13400

The Waitress Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes perky pink dress with crisp apron and matching cap. White mary janes and coffee pot complete the ensemble.




Violette Barbie

Edition size 999.

The first breath of spring demands a gala celebration! Perfect for entertaining or being entertained, Violette Barbie® doll joins the Barbie®Fashion Model Collection dressed for a stylish ball. She wears a gown made of printed silk organza over a satin underdress and tulle petticoat with lilac taffeta trim. It’s a springtime vision of the ultimate romantic, retro ball gown — finished with violets in her hair!



Day at the Races Barbie

Edition size 9600.

Barbie® doll takes advantage of a fabulous British tradition — a day at the races! The best-dressed gal at the track in a frock of floral pastel hues with gloves, handbag and de rigueur wide-brimmed hat to complete the glamorous ensemble!


Tweed Indeed Barbie

Edition size 9500.

When on location in London, one must remain stylishly attired in entirely English ensembles. Tony tweeds are perfect for scouring shoppes or traipsing by the Thames!

Tweed Indeed Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best, is stylishly attired in a sleek suit of brown tweed with golden metallic accents. Pale blue gloves, hose, and pumps befit a lady. Large handbag, bracelet, and earrings are the perfectly proper, final accessories.


Pretty Pleats Barbie

Edition size 9900.

Tripping through the Tube or sauntering around town, a kicky pleated suit suits our model visitor just fine. Perfect for sightseeing and being seen, the stylish outfit begins with a double-breasted jacket accented with golden buttons, lacy blouse, and feminine bow. A matching box-pleated skirt, handsome handbag, fishnet stockings, spectator pumps, and golden charm bracelet and earrings complete the ensemble.

Pretty Pleats Barbie® doll is the third to join the Robert Best® BFMC Signature® Collection, inspired by Mr. Best’s collection for real, modern women.


Lady of the Manor Barbie

Edition size 6300.

Fresh as the English countryside, Lady Of The Manor Barbie® doll wears a lovely strapless white gown embellished with extravagant floral embroidery work, faux pearls, and Swarovski® crystals. Elegant white opera length gloves and a sheer stole lend an air of dramatic style. A golden brooch, worn at the waist, and stud earrings are the final wonderful accessories. Designer Robert Best beautifully captures the posh life, enjoyed during a fab British Invasion!




Highland Fling Barbie

Edition size 20500.

The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection launches its own British Invasion — beginning with Highland Fling Barbie® doll. Perfect for sleeping or relaxing, the terrific tartan nightwear pays tribute to a favorite design from the United Kingdom. Bold hues and girly Gaelic touches create a sweet ensemble, that’s perfect for a spot of tea — en suite!


Dahlia Barbie

Edition size 999.

Say “adios” to the ordinary! Influenced by the exotic romanticism of Spain, Dahlia Barbie® doll wears a lovely strapless gown of white on black lace. Designed by Robert Best, this red-headed beauty shines in satiny white opera gloves, silvery earrings and a brooch embellished with Swarovski® crystals. One thing’s for sure: Dahlia Barbie® doll sure has stunning Spanish style. Olé!


High Tea and Savories Barbie Giftset

Edition size 8600.

Proper English etiquette demands that every British Invasion should include a proper English tea. High style at high tea is de rigueur, which makes this pleasurable British custom anything but customary!

Designed by Robert Best, High Tea and Savories Barbie® doll wears a mocha-hued cocktail dress, decorated with a lacy black petticoat. Long gloves, clutch, hose, and pumps are the elegant black accessories. Striking golden brooch adorns the waist. This giftset includes a lacy teddiette.


True Brit Barbie Fashion

Edition size 8000

While on location in London, Barbie® doll requires all the appropriate if not conventional accessories! It’s customary to have a trench coat on hand and an umbrella, of course. The True Brit accessory collection also includes a fashionable chapeau, scarf, doctor-style handbag, ankle boots, wallet, sunglasses, passport and Miss Honey wearing a tartan cover-up with a leash and bowl.


Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 22.03.32

High Stepping Barbie Fashion

Edition size 8600.

While on working holiday in jolly old England, the perfect costume for taking a horse out of the stable for a run begins with a chic equestrian ensemble of off-white riding breeches, show jacket and riding boots — all the proper accoutrements, properly tailored and smartly elegant! This British invasion of traditional style is anything but conventional!




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